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000000001695 IBM Ribbon For:
Wheelwriter 3/5/6/10/20/30/40/50/70/2000
Panasonic KX-E2500/3000/3008/3200/7000/7500 Series
Correctable Ribbon
000000001763 IBM Wheelwriter Correction Ribbon
Wheelwriters 10/20/30/40/50/70/30/50/6
000000001893 IBM Correction Tape For:
IBM Selectric II & III Remington SR 101NS Xerox585 & 590 and others
Mdl# T357-LO
Price Per Box of 6
000000002555 IBM T385-COB For
IBM Selectric III Correctable Ribbon
000000002593 IBM Ribbon For:
Selectric II/ Adler/ Facit/ Hermes/ Olympia/ Royal/ Silver-Reed.
Mdl# T387-HYB
00734646103190 Lexmark 1382100 Dimond Fine Print Cartridge For:
Optra R+/Rt+/Lx+/Lxi+
Optra R/Rx/Lx/Lxi/ 4039 10Plus
IBM 3112 & 3116
MiscTypewriter1000 IBM Wheelwriter 1000 by Lexmark Memory Feautures and Bonus Typing Options Refurbished $300.00
MiscTypewriter3 IBM Wheelwriter 3
Most Basic of Wheelwriters that We Carry. Has Memory Capabilities Refurbished.
MiscTypewriter5 IBM Wheelwriter 5
Extended Memory Refurbished Nice to type on. Refurbished
MiscTypewriterIII IBM Selectric III Available in brown and black. Refurbished Correctable Ribbon with Correction Tape. $350.00
Misctypewriter IBM Wheelwrter 6
With Memory options, Beige Refurbished
Misctypewriter10 IBM Wheelwriter 10 With Memory options and extended memory Refurbished $390.00
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